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Environmental Education Pavilion at West Point on the Eno Park

A Gift of Space

Inaugural Durham Parks Foundation Member IMPACT Project:

Environmental Education programming has tripled since the construction of the Environmental Education Pavilion at West Point on the Eno!

Durham Parks and Recreation has its first dedicated site for environmental education programming.  The Environmental Education Pavilion (EEP) has allowed DPR Outdoor Recreation to triple its program offerings in past year!  All  of DPR  Summer  Camps participated  programming  at  the  facility  and  there are regular monthly offerings throughout the year. Including the popular star watch programming!

There is still more to do!

Durham Parks Foundation has committed to a multi-year habitat restoration of the area surrounding the EEP!  In the spring of 2019 we began the process of converting what was a mowed field to a native Piedmont Prairie with the our first controlled burn! This was followed  by the installation of over 8,000 native grasses and pollinators and a demonstration garden around the building.  We will be "Planting the Prairie" with the help of donors and volunteers for several more years.  

The many benefits of this effort:

  • an outdoor classroom for natural science teaching, bird and wildlife watching
  • increasing access to pollinator plants 
  • slowing water run off
  • increasing bird and wildlife in the park
Red lighting for astronomy programming

In addition to this habitat restoration we have connected the building with electricity and installed a cistern and an astronomy pad.  We are partnering with Extra Terrestrial Projects to provide training for DPR  staff in the care and maintenance of this natural habitat.

We hope this signature project will increase the use of native plants throughout the park system.  

Join us by supporting this project!  

Durham Parks Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Would you like to learn more?

Download the Master Plan for the Piedmont Praire