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Durham Police Athletic League (DPAL)

The Durham Police Athletic League (DPAL) is a mentoring program that focuses on the prevention of juvenile crime using athletic, recreational, and educational activities as a platform to build relationships between kids, cops, and the community. Police officers serve as mentors and coaches promoting positive attitudes, teamwork, overcoming challenges, and good citizenship among Durham youth. As a mentoring program, DPAL offers a variety of developmental athletics and activities for youth, 5 – 18 years of age.  Our goal is to do more than teach the concepts of a sport/activity.  We teach leadership, sportsmanship, teamwork, and work on developing character traits that emphasize unity and inclusion.  We promote healthy competition in order to teach perseverance and goal setting, but we are not designed to be a competitive organization. 

DPAL programs are 100% free for youth, and you can help provide training, uniforms, equipment, travel and meals to hundreds of DPAL youth by becoming a donor.  Partnering with DPAL provides opportunities for companies and organization to spread its message to hundreds of youth participants, coaches, volunteers, and families while supporting DPAL athletics and activities. 

Individuals, companies, and organizations can partner with DPAL in the following ways:

  • Seasonal or year-round donations/sponsorships
  • Fundraising event donations/sponsorships
  • Volunteerism and Fundraising
  • Promotional Campaign
  • Goods & Services donations

PAL Clubs:

PAL Clubs are provided to youth who have a particular interest in a sport or activity.  Clubs are made up of 10 – 30 participants and meet throughout the year.  The primary focus is using a common interest as a platform to build relationships over time between Durham police officers and youth.  Clubs often participate in community leagues and tournaments.

PAL Camps:

Camps are planned in conjunction with community organizations to introduce various sports/activities to Durham youth or to supplement a PAL Club.  Typically a sport/activity based organization will host the event to teach or improve skills for PAL participants in that particular sport/activity.  Officers serve as coaches and mentors. 

PAL Field Trips

Field trips are planned to provide PAL youth with an opportunity to engage in educational, recreational, or cultural experiences.  These may include museums, sporting events, park visits, college tours, etc.

PAL Special Events

Special events are planned throughout the year.  These are typically larger events that PAL youth can participate in individually or as part of their team/club.  This might include sports leagues, team tournaments, skill competitions, talent shows, holiday parades, or community service events. 

The Durham Parks Foundation is the nonprofit fiscal sponsor of Durham Police Athletic; all donations are tax-exempt to the extent of the law. If you wish to write a check, make it out to “Durham Parks Foundation,” and include “For Durham PAL” in the memo line. Mail to Durham Parks Foundation, 400 Cleveland Street, Durham, NC 27701.