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Participatory Budgeting: Great Parks Projects Proposed

Do you know what Ward you live in? Durham has three Wards and each ward has PB projects proposed to receive funding! See the Ward Map at the bottom of this page. We have consolidated the proposed PB projects that align with our mission. Please vote for Parks!

Park Projects by Ward

Ward 1 Park Projects Cost
Hillside Park Improvements $470,195
Lakeview Park Improvements $490,589
Play Equipment for Carroll Street Park $90,640
Purchase Equipment to Make Playground Accessible ā€“ Drew Granby Park $79,310
Solar Tree and Site Lighting ā€“ WD Hill Recreation Center
Futsal and Tennis Courts
Protected Crosswalk from Lakeview Park to Lakeview School $96,305
Ward 2 Park Projects Cost
Burton Park Improvements $309,309
Ward 3 Park Projects Cost
Belmont Park Improvements $124,360

Voting Ends May 31, 2019. Cast your vote today